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Which Postprocessor Solution?

A Postprocessor Builder?
User training
Software license
User Configurable
User can create specific postprocessors
Limited feature/function
Limited machine tool configurations
Performance limited to builder tools
Custom Postprocessors?
No user training
No software license
Not user configurable
Service creates specific postprocessor
Unlimited feature/function
Performance specific to machine tool

The perfect postprocessor solution
NCData Services AZpost
The best of both!

No user training required
No software license
Service creates specific postprocessor
Postprocessors are user configurable
User can create specific postprocessor configurations
Unlimited feature / function
Unlimited machine tool configurations
Performance not limited by tools
Priced per postprocessor, not per configuration

Machine Tool Types (300 plus in production)
Vertical machining centers, Horizontal machining centers, Horizontal lathes, Vertical turning centers, Horizontal turning centers, Dual turret turning, Simultaneous turning, Mill / Turn centers, Wire EDM, Sheet metal fabrication centers, Laser centers, Composite shearing centers, Plasma / torch cutting centers, Programmable fixtures, In process inspection, Friction welding 6-axis

Unlimited Configurations (XYZ UVW ABC….etc)

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