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Who is NCData Services

1. A worldwide network of manufacturing consulting associates.
2. Experienced experts in all CAD/CAM systems.
3. Over a century of combined experience in CAD/CAM development, support & services.
4. Associates with over 35 years in CAD/CAM development, support & services.
5. Experienced in the following services.
-NC Postprocessor development
-Windows application development
-CATIA Manufacturing automation
-Database development
-Manufacturing data migration

Phone: 928-242-8389
E-mail: NCData@frontiernet.net

Why NCData Services (postprocessor services)

1. Price competitive
a. No license fee.
b. No development product to purchase.
c. Easy to understand postprocessor pricing ($495 + $500 per axis)
d. Minimal number of postprocessors to purchase. One postprocessor per machine/control type. (One configuration file per machine tool).

2. Minimum system prerequisites.
a. Any Intel based processor (8085,Pentium,Celeron,AMD,Centrino,etc) some CNC Controls.
b. 200 KB storage per postprocessor executable and 2 KB per configuration file.
c. 8 MB RAM (for postprocessor execution)
d. Any Intel compatible operating system (DOS, Windows 3.1,NT,2000,XP,LINUX, etc.)

3. Easy to install and maintain
a. All required material is received over the Internet (200 KB per postprocessor).
b. A non-systems person can easily install in 15 minutes (5 min per postprocessor).
c. A unique folder is created on the OS for all NCData materials.
d. CAM system folder can be used (default) for CAM input file and NCData output files.
e. All postprocessor change requests and material updates are made via Internet.
f. Postprocessor User's Guide is maintained internally in the postprocessor executable.

4. Easy to use
a. Uses Windows "drag and drop" of CAM files onto the postprocessor desktop icon.
b. Output files can be created (default) in the same folder with CAM input file.
c. Postprocessor automatically selects the configuration file using MACHIN/n statement in the CAM file.
d. Three output files are created using the same name as the input file with unique extensions as follows:
1. .NCD - Machine NC Data file (M&G codes) to be run on the unique CNC machine tool.
2. .NCS - Postprocessing NC Status file containing any warnings or errors encountered.
3. .NCL - Postprocessing NC Listing file containing cross-reference between input and output records (input and output records are displayed together).

e. Complete output files are produced even when warnings and errors are found (aids CAM debug).
f. NCData "Manufacturing Work Bench" can be purchased for easy to use Graphic User Interface.
g. A CATIA PPTable file is provided and maintained by NCData for each CNC machine tool.
h. Interactive postprocessor User's Guide included in each postprocessor executable.
i. Postprocessor User's Guide can be created and printed by the user.

NCData - AZPOST Performance and Function

-Benefits of both a custom postprocessor and generalized postprocessor solution.
-Supported machine tool technology and functions are unlimited
-Unbeatable execution speed (mold & die applications)
-Execution memory required does not increase with input file size.
-ANSI X3.37 APT standard input is supported by default (but unlimited).
-Input SYNTAX and FORMAT can be user defined.
-All machine types are supported (unlimited).
-All machine axis systems and number of axis (both linear and rotary) are supported.
-All control interpolation methods are supported (linear, circular, helical, nurbs, etc)
-All CNC control programming functions supported (subroutines, etc).
-All CNC control formats supported (Anilam, Heidenhien, etc.)
-Both inch and metric supported including conversion by the postprocessor.
-Multi-axis linearization of CAM input supported
-All feed rate methods supported (UPM,UPR, and 1/Time).
-User customization of machine code sequences and formats are supported.
-Machine tool external functions are supported (auto load/unload and robot interfaces).
-All CAD/CAM systems supported that produce a CAM file (including M&G code editing).

NCData - Manufacturing Work Bench

-Graphic User Interface (Menu) for managing manufacturing information (see Figure 1).
-Easy to install by non-system user (15 minutes)
-No license required.
-Customizable by the user for different CAM environments.
-Can run both stand alone or interfaced to CAM system. (Visual Basic Application)
-Provides graphic interface to postprocessor execution.
-Can be configured to automatically execute the CAM selected postprocessor.
-Provides viewing and (lockable) editing of postprocessor input and output files.
-Provides viewing and (assisted) editing of CATIA PPTable files.
-Provides user defined application interface to files.
-Provides interactive access to unique postprocessor User's Guide via MfgWB help function.

If you would like to see the COE presentation on "CATIA V5 Postprocessing - Customization of the CATIA V5 manufacturing Process" please contact me and I will send you the Power Point file. The presentation is based on NCData Services postprocessors and the NCData Services' product Manufacturing Work Bench.

Phone: 928-242-8389
E-mail: NCData@frontiernet.net

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